Oil Testing - Auto Image Particle Counter and Density Measurement

Discover the ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled precision in particle counting analysis, density determination, and sample dispensing for many other tests all at the same time.

The sample bottles are first mixed and then degassed using ultrasonics. They are also decapped before removing several portions from the bottle. One of these portions is injected into an automated Canty Particle counter, while the other is injected into a separate density meter for analysis.


Subsequent aliquots from the bottle are dispensed into various tubes/containers that can be taken for ICP, FTIR, viscometry, and GC analysis by the operator.

Other automated options include color determination, crackle testing, and analysis of viscosity and FTIR in the same module.

This system offers numerous competitive advantages, including:

  • Accurate and consistent results
    The automation of particle measurement using image based particle analysis ensures precise and repeatable measurement results, independent of human influence. This leads to increased reliability and consistency of the analysis results.
  • Increased efficiency 
    Fully automated systems allow measurements to be carried out more quickly than manual procedures. This shortens analysis times and increases the overall efficiency of laboratory operations.
  • Multifunctional  
    By combining particle measurement with density determination and sample dosing for different analysis methods such as viscosity measurements, FTIR analyses, and GC analyses, several tasks can be performed simultaneously. This enables a comprehensive characterisation of the oil samples and a detailed properties analysis.
  • Reduction of error sources  
    Automation minimises the risk of human error, reducing potential misinterpretation or inaccurate results. This improves the accuracy and reliability of the analysis and increases confidence in the measured data.
  • Data capture and integrity 
    Fully automated systems enable precise capture and processing of data, resulting in higher data integrity. This facilitates the traceability of results and enables reliable reporting and audit trail.
  • Compliance with standards and regulations 
    The system’s comprehensive analytical capability enables it to meet the requirements of various industry standards and regulations. This is particularly important in areas such as quality control and environmental compliance.
  • Improved product quality and performance 
    The precise characterisation of oil samples allows problems to be detected and corrected early, resulting in improved product quality and performance. This supports the long-term maintenance and reliability of machinery and equipment.
  • Reliability using industrial automation components
    By utilising industrial automation components, you can achieve maximum uptime, reliability, and 24/7 operation.

This powerful solution enables the comprehensive characterisation of oil samples, ensuring that laboratory analyses are carried out with utmost precision. By integrating fully automated particle measurement with density determination and sample dosing, you can significantly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of your oil sample analysis.