An Automated System for Analysing Moisture, Ash, Volatile and Sulphur - and Automated Weighing of Samples for CV, CHN/O and More.

Built with industrial automation components, this robust system is fast, safe, and reliable.

The unit is tamper-proof and has a complete audit trail of all parameters and measurements ensuring the integrity and quality of results, making it the first of its kind in the industry.  

The system empowers you to streamline your laboratory processes with advanced automation, capable of performing a variety of tests in parallel including Ash, Moisture, Volatile and Sulphur analysis while also weighing samples for additional tests, including CV, CHN/O and more. It allows your lab personnel to focus on critical tasks.

The automated sample registration system and LIMS integration eliminate the need for manual paperwork, providing you with effortless tracking and data integrity.

The system enables compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as quality control and environmental compliance.

Some of the key features and benefits of this innovative system:

  • Automated Sample Registration
    Trays of samples or individual samples are loaded into the automation. The built-in barcode or RFID scanner automatically registers the samples on your LIMS system and carries out the required tests.

    This then allows you to seamlessly track and manage samples from start to finish with all relevant data recorded automatically on your LIMS system. This automation eliminates the risk of sample tampering and allows for a smoother workflow with improved productivity.
  • Automated Weighing
    Experience precision of automated weighing capabilities which are significantly more precise and faster than human sample weighing. No more human error – our system delivers accurate measurements every time.
  • Automated Moisture, Ash and Volatile Analysis 
    Save valuable time and effort with automated weighing and simultaneous analysis of moisture, ash, and volatile content. All tests strictly conform to international standards and best practices.
  • Automated Sulphur Analysis  
    Integrate your Sulphur analyser into the system. The automation will weigh the samples into the appropriated crucibles or boats and automatically places these into your instrument and remove the combusted crucible on completion of the analysis. All analytical results will be automatically transmitted to your LIMS system.
  • Automated CV, CHN/O Analysis and Other Tests
    Our system automates critical sample-weighing components of these tests ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your lab. Please contact us should you be interested in the automation of the CHN/O (nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and Oxygen) or CV (Calorific value) test as these can be integrated into this automation.

This system allows simple expansion and interfacing with HF’s full range of laboratory automation in the future. It can also be easily customised to include other analytical methods and sample preparation.

Team up with us to help streamline your operations by providing reliable and efficient laboratory automation solutions.