Automated Mixer for Oil Analysis

Revolutionise your oil analysis process with our state-of-the-art automated mixer.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and injury-prone manual mixing and embrace the precision and efficiency of automation.

This robust mixer automates the mixing bottle or test tube mixing process and ensures accurate and consistent results every time, saving you time, risk of injury and resources.

Whether you choose to use it as a standalone or integrate it into your automation system, this machine is guaranteed to optimise your workflow. 

Its speed and mixing time are fully adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.

This innovative system is manufactured from high-quality industrial components. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly load the tray with samples and press start. The system will take care of the rest, expertly tumbling your sample bottles to your preset set time and rotation speed.

Some of the key benefits of automated mixer:

  • Consistent Mixing
    Ensures consistent mixing of oil samples, eliminating human error and variability in mixing techniques.
  • Time Efficiency
    Automates the mixing process, allowing lab personnel to focus on other tasks while the samples are being prepared.
  • Accuracy
    Reduces the risk of inaccurate test results by ensuring thorough and uniform mixing of samples, leading to more reliable data.
  • Standardisation
    Helps in standardising the mixing procedure across multiple tests and operators, ensuring uniformity in analysis.
  • Safety
    Minimises exposure of lab personnel to potentially hazardous substances by automating the mixing process.
  • Workflow Optimisation
    Integrates seamlessly into the laboratory workflow, improving overall efficiency and throughput.
  • Data Integrity
    Enhances data integrity by reducing the likelihood of errors during sample preparation.
  • Cost Savings 
    Increases productivity and reduces the need for manual labour, ultimately saving time and labour costs in the long run.

The machine is designed to function as a stand-alone lab equipment, but it can also be integrated into a robot laboratory where the robot safely loads and unloads the sample trays from the back of the machine.

Overall, an automated mixer streamlines the oil analysis process, improving reliability, efficiency, and safety while reducing operational costs.