HF-i Uses Many Different Types of Robots in its Laboratory Automation Solutions: Here is a look at HF-i SCARA Robots!

SCARA robots with their four degrees of freedom, can move horizontally and rotate around a vertical axis, making them super-fast, highly accurate, and extremely reliable.

They can handle a wide range of tasks, including plate handling, dispensing, sorting, and placing with ease.

Moreover, SCARA robots are designed to work in harsh environments and can handle heavy loads, making them perfect for demanding high throughput laboratory applications.

Some advantages of SCARA robots:

SCARA robots are an ideal choice when it comes to efficiency and boosting productivity. With their unmatched speed and accuracy in simple tasks, they can complete work in a fraction of the time it would take a lab personnel.

Not only that, but they can handle large volumes of samples with minimal waste, making them an excellent choice for laboratories looking to cut down on costs. In even the harshest environments, these robots can operate with minimal maintenance, further increasing their value.

Additionally, with their exceptional lateral movements and long reach on the horizontal plane, SCARA robots are the perfect solution for laboratories looking to streamline their operations, maximise their output and improve profitability.

Some disadvantages of SCARA robots:

While SCARA robots are a great addition to any industrial laboratory automation setting, it’s important to keep in mind that they do have some limitations. Compared to other robots, SCARA robots have limited flexibility and reach in the horizontal plane and may have difficulty handling irregular or unstable objects.

SCARA robots are generally more expensive compared to Cartesian (XYZ) robots.

HF-i uses industrial-grade SCARA robots to perform simple tasks that require high speed and accuracy, such as plate handling, dispensing, picking and placing or sorting samples. Particularly where a larger surface area is required and where four degrees of freedom suffice.

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