Hyperspectral Systems were Delivered to FLS for a Mining Customer

BHP, recently informed its investors and customers that the Yandi mine is expected to reach the end of its working life. However, BHP has been working with its partners to explore different technologies and strategies that could help extend the life of the mine. As a result of this effort, BHP has been able to find ways to leverage old technologies in new ways to extend the life of the mine. One of the technologies that has been instrumental in this effort is the HF Hyperspectral system. 

HF delivered four automated Hyperspectral systems to the BHP Newman Analytical Hub (NAH), which are capable of accurately identifying minerals present in the samples. These systems incorporate the Malvern Panalytical ASD hyperspectral near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopes and are primarily used to characterise the mineralogy of iron ore samples that pass through the laboratory.

HF was the perfect partner to provide the required solution due to their robust construction methodology, which makes these systems ideal for 24/7 operations in remote locations such as the Pilbara. Two systems analyse incoming samples as received, while the other two systems are used on pulverised samples before XRF fusion. All of the systems can self-calibrate the instruments against a white reference standard at a specified interval, ensuring the accuracy and precision of the results achieved.

These robust systems can hold up to four trays, each capable of containing 100 samples. With a high sample throughput capacity, they can process around 2,880 samples per day.

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