Fully Automated Opacity, Colour, and Crackle Analysis System Delivered to OELCHECK in Germany

HF is proud to supply this first-of-its-kind system to OELCHECK GmbH in Brannenburg, Germany. OELCHECK laboratory routine was time and labour consuming by manually performing colour and opacity tests, by placing samples in front of a camera and taking pictures for analysis. The amount of manual handling was high and exposed staff to different risks. These included fatigued wrists and hands injuries from opening bottles, and the risk of burns from the hotplate when performing the crackle test. 

The results finally were often subjective. OELCHECK decided to invest in a new Lightning Opacity, Colour, and Crackle analysis system from HF. HF’s solution for this project was to combine these processes into a single machine, thereby improving laboratory efficiency. 

The automated unit is a compact and fully integrated solution for preparing and analysing oil samples with high levels of speed, accuracy, precision, and reliability. It can process a single sample in less than 90 seconds, allowing a throughput of around 1000 samples per 24 hours. 

This system has integrated perfectly into OELCHECKs workflows. Laboratory technicians no longer have to manually perform colour, opacity, decapping, or crackle tests on the samples and can focus on more valuable and qualified tasks within the laboratory. 

This robust and reliable modular design allows simple expansion and interfacing with HF’s full range of industrial-grade laboratory automation in the future. It can also be easily customised to include other analytical methods and sample preparation steps. This includes but is not limited to:

  • FTIR
  • Viscometry
  • Sample dilution
  • ICP