Exciting News! The HF-innovation PQS oil analyser, supplied to ALS, has successfully processed over 2.3 million samples.

This accomplishment showcases how HF Innovation continues to revolutionize oil testing laboratories with industrial automation.By leveraging industrial components, HF Innovation is challenging traditional sample processing methods in the laboratory. Our innovative approach fully automates various testing methods, making them reliable and robust. This system empowers laboratory technicians to focus on critical tasks while automated systems efficiently handle repetitive work.

Not only does this reduce the risk of injury from repetitive tasks, but it also eliminates human error, enhancing the precision and accuracy of results.

In this particular case, the PQ Index is used to measure ferrous wear metal particles in oil, grease, and coolants using a magnetic field. Unlike spectroscopic iron measurements, the PQ Index detects the presence of larger iron particles, such as gear teeth or metal fragments, ensuring a more comprehensive analysis.

This versatile system integrates with LIMS, automatically calibrates itself, and efficiently reprocesses out-of-specification samples. It can handle different bottle shapes and even test sample bottles placed upside down, demonstrating its flexibility.

Moreover, the PQ automation can be extended to include additional features such as photography for measuring debris settled at the bottle’s base, turbidity measurement of the oil, and colour analysis. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with other HF automated systems, including crackle testing, FTIR, particle counting, viscometer, ICP, Karl Fisher, and acid/base numbers. 

Other customers that have benefited from the automated PQ include ALS, OelCheck, and Caterpillar. 

Key features and benefits of our robust PQ: 

HF’s Lightning PQ can also be easily customised to include other analytical methods and sample preparation steps. This includes but is not limited to: