Automated Postage Sample Bottle Decapper System for Oil Testing Delivered to WesTrac in Australia

WesTrac in Western Australia was receiving thousands of samples per day that arrived inside a secondary plastic bottle to keep them secure during transportation. These postage bottles needed to be opened so the sample bottles inside could be removed and registered in their Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Operators occasionally were suffering from wrist and hand injuries from unscrewing thousands of bottles per day. 

WesTrac wanted to automate this process ergonomically to protect their staff from injuries and ensure a safer working environment. The automated system needed to open postage bottles faster than the lab operators could process them, to ensure it was never a bottleneck in the registration process. WesTrac had two existing machines from HF and knew that we were the right partner to develop and deliver a fast, safe, and reliable machine that was the first of its kind. 

This robust and reliable modular design allows simple expansion and interfacing with HF’s full range of industrial-grade laboratory automation in the future. It is easily customisable to include other analytical methods and sample preparation steps. 

It is also available in a single or double-lane option for smaller labs.